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Dinosaurs world

Application main menu
Selecting the world
Launch the game or access Card and Photo albums.
Where is the corythosaurus?
Where is...
One animal at a time: find it by moving from left to right.
Bobble head card of pteranodon
You've found it
The reward is an animated card of the animal.
Name of each animal may be heard in all available languages and informations may be played again
kids win a camera
You've won a camera!
Once you have found all the animals, you win a camera.
Kids can take photos
Take a photo
Try to take a photo.
Kids listen to spoken informations about Tyrannosaurus
Well done!
Your photo is now in your album. Take a photo of an animal and get spoken informations about it!
Night begins
Night is falling
Touch as many animals as possible before it is too dark.
Night time: only eyes appear...
Find the missing animals using an old torch.
Kids can then make jigsaws
Make jigsaws
Your camera can now make jigsaws! Take a photo and shake the device to get a 4/6/12/20 piece jigsaw (42 on iPad).
Play Photo Quiz!
Play Photo Quiz!
Find a question mark and launch Photo Quiz!
Questions about dinosaurs
Answer correctly...
Which one is the ...? How many animals can you see? Who is it? True or False ?
win dinosaurs pictures
And win photos!
Photos are added to your album so you can make jigsaws or print them.
thumb cameraman1
Find the cameraman
Find the cameraman hiding in the scene..
thumb cameraman2
And watch the video!
The cameraman will show you a video of the dinosaur.
thumb cameraman3
Play again to watch all the videos
The cameraman appears several times. At the end you can watch any videos you've missed and the ones you've found.

Other features

App features: Card album
Card album
It contains all the cards released during the game.
App features: Photo album
Photo album
It contains all your photos meaning that you can do the jigsaws again.
App features: Printable booklet
Paper booklets
Print, fold, cut out and paste your own paper albums!